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How to Prep for Severe Weather During Hurricane Season

How to Prep for Severe Weather During Hurricane Season

You can prevent some of the damage the heavy rain, strong winds, and lightning cause during hurricane season by preparing your cooling system ahead of time. Keeping the outdoor condenser as safe as possible provides a safety net for this vulnerable component of central cooling systems.

  • Trim the trees. Remove any tree or shrub branches that hang over or near your home to reduce the danger they pose as projectiles or falling hazards.
  • Secure the outdoor condenser. Bolting down the outdoor condenser will keep it in place. Even though condensers are heavy, a strong wind can topple it, seriously damaging it. Your HVAC contractor can use tie-downs or bolts to secure it.
  • Install surge protectors. Power outages are common with severe weather and as utility workers restore the lines, power surges are common. The electrical spikes these surges cause can harm your cooling system and any other appliance in your home that’s plugged in.The easiest way to prevent damage is to use surge protectors for individual appliances, or install a whole-house surge protector. Besides protecting your appliances and devices during hurricane season, the surge protectors give you year-round protection against fluctuating flow through the power lines.
  • Wrap the condenser. Strong winds can blow objects against the condenser that can damage its fins and coils. It’s a good idea to set aside a heavy tarp to wrap the condenser when severe weather nears. Secure it with heavy ropes or bungee cords. Before covering the condenser, turn the system off at the thermostat and inside the circuit breaker box.
  • Inspect it after the storm. Once the storm passes, inspect the condenser before turning the system on. Look for bent fins and coil damage and clear away any vegetation that’s accumulated near it. Call your HVAC professional if you see any problems, especially if any part of it was submerged in water.

These measures add a layer of prevention during hurricane season for your cooling system. To learn more, contact Elite Air, Inc. providing trusted HVAC services for Central New Jersey homeowners since 1986.


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