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These days, the energy efficiency of an appliance or other energy-using product is one of the top criteria that consumers consider before purchasing. Fortunately, the federal government, in a program run jointly by the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy, long ago devised the EnergyGuide label. The EnergyGuide program, along with the related Energy Star program, go a long way toward helping consumers know which products will save the most energy (and money).

The familiar yellow EnergyGuide label is affixed to a variety of energy-consuming products, including central and room air conditioners, heat pumps, water heaters, refrigerators, clothes washers, heat pumps, furnaces, and more.

The label includes the following information:

  • The product’s manufacturer, model number, and size.
  • A list of the product’s key features that are shared by similar models in the same cost range. For example, if you’re looking at a refrigerator, the label might say “automatic defrost, side-mounted freezer, and through-the-door ice dispenser.
  • The annual cost of operation based on a national average of the cost of energy. This number appears on a single-line continuum, so you can compare its operating cost to similar products.
  • The amount of electricity the product uses in a year, given in kilowatts. You can multiply this number by your own electricity rate (shown on your electric bill) to see what you likely would pay.
  • If the product has qualified for the Energy Star label, that will be shown.

Products eligible for the Energy Star mark of energy-efficiency excellence include most of those that get the EnergyGuide label, but also fixtures and products such as windows and insulation. To qualify for the blue Energy Star label, an appliance or product must pass minimum energy-efficiency guidelines; must be available from more than one manufacturer (not using proprietary technology); must compensate for any higher price with energy savings greater than that extra cost; and must provide features and performance that consumers expect in the product.

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