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Solar Shades to Lower A/C Costs

Solar Shades to Lower A/C Costs

Windows enhance the aesthetic appeal of a home by providing natural light and making rooms feel larger. However, the downside to windows is they can reduce your home’s energy efficiency in summer months due to solar heat gain. Here is more about this and how solar shades can help.

Solar Heat Gain

Heat gain usually refers to the amount of unwanted heat entering the home during warm weather. Heat tries to move into the coolest spots, and in summer this means your air conditioned home.

Windows are naturally the home’s primary source of heat gain from solar radiation. Unless you take steps to reduce the sun’s glare through the glass, your home can heat up several degrees from this alone. Solar heat gain not only adds to summer discomfort, it also affects you financially. You will pay more in cooling costs and your air conditioner will experience more wear and tear as it copes with the increased cooling load.

Solar Shades as a Solution

Solar shades block the sun’s rays to keep you cooler. They help you save energy dollars and keep your home more comfortable throughout the cooling season. Installing brand new energy-efficient windows is another option, but using shades is more budget-friendly for many households. Even if you already have energy-efficient windows, adding these special shades is beneficial as they will block even more heat than the windows already block.

When choosing your new shades, look at the label to make sure they are made from heat-blocking materials or have a thermal backing. Any window treatment that blocks some sunlight will help, but cheap plastic or vinyl window shades are less effective than solar shades are at preventing heat from entering the home. Thin, cheaper shades might seem like a good deal until you factor in the reduced comfort and increased cooling costs for your home.

To learn more about window shades or other ways to reduce home cooling costs, please contact us at Elite Air.


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