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Timeline of HVAC Replacements and Maintenance

Timeline of HVAC Replacements and Maintenance

Just like any complex machinery, your HVAC system needs periodic maintenance. Most HVAC systems can last a long time if they’re properly cared for. 

In fact, furnaces last up to 20 years on average, and A/Cs last an average of 15 years. By following an HVAC maintenance timeline designed to maximize the life of your system, you can ensure that your Hamilton-area home is comfortable for many years to come and avoid costly replacements

The Beginning: Buying the Right System

The start of your maintenance timeline occurs when you make the decision to buy a new HVAC system. The choices you make here will affect how long your system lasts. Obviously, a higher-quality system tends to last longer than a lower-quality one. Just as important, however, is making sure you choose a system that fits your house and having it properly installed. If either of these steps is skipped, you may find yourself having to make frequent repairs as the system struggles to work in less-than-ideal conditions.

The Monthly Check: Inspecting Your Air Filter

Make it a habit to check your air filter once a month. Change it if needed, or clean it if you have a reusable one. Even if you aren’t seeing a lot of obvious dirt, change or clean the filter at least every three months to get rid of microscopic pollutants.

The Bi-Annual Service: Scheduling a Maintenance Checkup

Before you start using your air conditioner in the summer or your furnace in the winter, schedule a maintenance checkup. You can even take the hassle out of remembering to schedule a checkup by getting a yearly service plan.

During a checkup, the technician checks the various moving parts of your system to make sure they’re working as they should and have proper lubrication. He’ll also look at electrical connections, check the condensate drain/trap, make sure the controls are functioning properly, and other unit-specific tasks. This checkup helps ensure that small problems are caught before they become big, expensive problems.

Want to know more about your HVAC maintenance timeline for extending the life of your HVAC system or need reliable repairs? Contact Elite Air today.


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