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Clues That Your Ductwork is Getting Old

Clues That Your Ductwork is Getting Old

Most Central New Jersey homeowners don’t pay much attention to their home’s ductwork, especially when it comes to how long it’ll last. Contrary to popular belief, HVAC ducts won’t last forever — in fact, it’s not out of the ordinary for ducts to deteriorate within 10 to 15 years of regular use.

If your HVAC system is using too much energy or you can’t seem to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, then chances are you’re dealing with old ductwork. Here are a few clues to look out for as you determine if your ducts should be put out to pasture.

Signs of Aging Ductwork

Other than your ducts being years past their prime, there are plenty of other cues to watch out for when evaluating your home’s old ductwork:

  • Heavy dust and debris buildup — External damage to the ducts, including cracks, tears and gaps caused by old age and poor maintenance, can allow dust and debris to infiltrate the ductwork, resulting in heavy buildup of both.
  • Poor airflow — If one gets heat while the other doesn’t, it may be due to a plugged or disconnected duct.
  • Increased energy bills — In most U.S. homes, heating and cooling accounts for over half of the energy used inside.
  • Visible rust or corrosion — Excess moisture can cause the bare metal on most ductwork to rust. If left to its own devices, it can eventually destroy your ducts and possibly your HVAC system.

Steps You Can Take to Fix it

If you find yourself dealing with old ductwork in your home, you can have your HVAC technician complete a thorough inspection of the ducts. Your technician will conduct the battery of tests to assess the current state of your ductwork and pinpoint any problem areas that should be taken care of.

If you’re concerned about old ductwork in your home, contact the professionals at Elite Air, proudly serving Hamilton and the surrounding area.


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