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You Need Tight Ducts to Help Keep Heat Inside Your Home

You Need Tight Ducts to Help Keep Heat Inside Your Home

Think of your ductwork as the lungs of your home. As your HVAC system generates warm or cool air, your ducts deliver it to the rest of the house. When ductwork is damaged, the system can’t achieve its peak efficiency, and you’re likely wasting money by blowing conditioned air into unconditioned spaces such as the attic or in wall cavities. Tight ducts are key in maintaining your HVAC system’s efficiency. Here’s how to find out if your ducts are working efficiently, and if not, what to do about it.

Damaged Ducts

Lots of things can happen to ductwork over time. Commonly, ductwork segments become disconnected at the seams, or the ducts may crack and start leaking air, or allow humidity inside them. Flex ducts can become twisted or kinked. Ducts may become crushed during construction work in the basement or attic.

If your ductwork is easily accessible, you may want to have a look at it every year and examine it for any of the problems mentioned above. You might also ask your HVAC technician to check your ductwork if you suspect there’s a problem.

Detecting Duct Problems

If your ducts aren’t easily accessible, there are symptoms to watch for that may indicate duct damage, such as:

  • Uneven heating or cooling in different rooms
  • Rattling noises issuing from the ducts
  • Higher energy bills and diminished comfort levels in the home

Repairing Ducts

If you’re handy and your ducts are accessible, you may want to repair damaged ductwork yourself. Replace damaged segments and seal the seams with mastic, foil tape and metal screws. You can also patch ductwork that has cracks or holes. Never use duct tape because it will not hold.

You may also want to insulate your ducts, which will provide greater efficiency.

For more on dealing with tight ducts, contact our team of knowledgeable Trenton heating and cooling professionals at Elite Air, Inc. We’ve served central New Jersey for more than 25 years.


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