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How to Start Your Repair or Replace Conversation

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When one of your HVAC system components breaks down, you can face a difficult decision of whether to repair or replace it. A trusted HVAC professional is your best source of advice on which is the best option for your particular situation. The following questions and answers on the topic can help you get that conversation started.

Is there a simple method of weighing repair vs. replacement costs?

The “50 percent rule” is a method that’s often used to compare the costs of repairing and replacing HVAC equipment. It’s easy to calculate as well: If the repair quote is half or more of the cost of buying new equipment, replacing it makes more sense.

Can I replace just one split-system component?

If one of your central split-system components needs a costly repair and you decide to replace it, you’ll need to upgrade the entire system. If you just add a new component to your older system, it won’t operate at optimal efficiency and you won’t have a manufacturer’s warranty since it can’t be installed to meet their specifications.

Should equipment age factor into my repair/replace decision?

Yes, if the problematic equipment is more than 10 years old you can expect that it will need additional repairs in the very near future as its reliability declines, so replacing it is the wisest choice. On the other hand, it’s usually worth repairing newer HVAC equipment that’s still under a manufacturer’s warranty.

Is a repair a more cost-effective option?

When you look at just the upfront cost a new system compared to a repair quote, you might think you’ll save more money with a repair. For a fair assessment though, you should factor in long-term savings on maintenance, repairs and energy over the 10–15 year lifespan of new equipment. When you consider all these potential savings as well as a boost in comfort and reliability, you might decide that upgrading is a better deal.

If you’re facing a decision of whether to repair or replace the HVAC system in your Hamilton-area home and need an expert opinion, contact us today at Elite Air.


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