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Blog Posts in June, 2016

  • One of the Most Important Places for Ventilation? Your Bathroom

    Your bathroom can be an ideal spot for mildew and mold to grow without proper ventilation. Warm, moist air builds up inside your bathroom when you take a shower or a bath, which creates an environment where mold and mildew can thrive. This can end up affecting indoor air quality and damaging wood and drywall, resulting in expensive repairs. A bathroom ventilation system can help reduce this risk. ...
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  • What to Do if Your Air Conditioner is Leaking

    Have you noticed water pooling around your air conditioning unit? That’s an indication of a leaking air conditioner that should be fixed soonest possible. The water could damage the electronic components of your unit and your home. Let’s take a look at how water forms inside your air conditioner to understand the leaking problem better and what you can do to fix it. How Water Forms in an A/C Unit ...
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  • Aiming and Redirecting Vents for Greater Comfort

    It might not be your HVAC system’s fault if you feel too chilled in winter and too warm in summer. Sometimes the simplest answer to a problem is the correct one. Here is how redirecting vents could be your answer for improving comfort and saving money. Redirecting Vents Improves Efficiency Using air conditioning as an example, whenever a vent’s airflow is obstructed, you will reap fewer benefits ...
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