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What to Do if Your Air Conditioner is Leaking

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Have you noticed water pooling around your air conditioning unit? That’s an indication of a leaking air conditioner that should be fixed soonest possible. The water could damage the electronic components of your unit and your home. Let’s take a look at how water forms inside your air conditioner to understand the leaking problem better and what you can do to fix it.

How Water Forms in an A/C Unit

Your air conditioner cools and also dehumidifies your home. The moisture in the air it pulls in condenses on the evaporator coil. The water drips into a drain pan and flows down a condensate drain line that directs it outdoors or into your plumbing system. A problem with these parts could cause water to form around the unit.

What to Do to Fix the Leaking Air Conditioner

Once you spot leaking water, turn off the air conditioner. Next, try and fix the possible causes of your problem. Here are the most likely causes.

  • Clogged drain line or rusted drain pan — When your A/C unit’s drain line gets clogged, water will be forced to back into your home. Use a wet-dry vacuum to unclog it. Water may also fall right through a rusted drain pan. You’ll need to replace the pan.
  • Frozen evaporator coil — Open your unit’s blower door and check whether your evaporator coil has frozen. When it melts, the water may be too much for the drain pan and may flow onto the floor. The two main causes of a frozen coil are a dirty air filter and low refrigerant. Check your filter and change it if it’s dirty. Defrost the coil by turning the blower to “on”.
  • Improper installation — If you have a relatively new air conditioner that’s leaking, the most probable cause is an installation issue. You’ll need to call an HVAC professional to examine your unit.

If the leaking problem persists despite your DIY efforts, contact a professional. For more useful tips on fixing a leaking air conditioner, please contact us at Elite Air. We’ve proudly served Central New Jersey for 30 years.


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