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Ways of Controlling Pollutants in Your Household

Ways of Controlling Pollutants in Your Household

Multiple sources of indoor pollutants contribute to reducing the air quality in the average home. Controlling them is the best way to keep your indoor air fresh and clean. Here are some of the more effective ways to control and reduce the odors, particulates, and other pollutants in your indoor air.

  1. Keep the fresh air flowing — Increase ventilation in your home to bring more fresh air in and take stale air and pollutants out. Open doors and windows when temperatures are moderate enough to allow it. Put fans in windows to help pull in more fresh, clean outdoor air. For times when outdoor temperatures are hot or cold and you don’t want to waste air from your HVAC system, install a whole-house ventilator. These devices can bring in outdoor air and remove indoor air without wasting energy.
  2. Stop pollutants before they happen — Practice source control, which is keeping pollutants out of your home by stopping them at their source. Clean and dust your home at least weekly, including vacuuming rugs and carpets. Take out the trash and any other odor-causing waste frequently — every day if possible. Avoid burning candles and incense and using strong-smelling cleaners, solvents, paints, or insecticides. Check new products before bringing them inside and using them to make sure their odors aren’t intolerable.
  3. Change HVAC air filters — The air filters in your HVAC system provide the first level of air cleaning in your home, trapping and holding particulates such as dust, pollen, and dander. Check heating and cooling system filters monthly and put in new, fresh filters when the old ones get dirty.
  4. Add an air filtration system — Install an air filtration system that provides extra air cleaning and filtration through high-quality filters. These devices can remove substantial amounts of pollutants, even odors, from your indoor air.

In Hamilton and the neighboring New Jersey communities, Elite Air is a premier choice for the best heating, cooling, and indoor air quality services. Contact us today for more information on controlling pollutants in your home and what you can do to make your indoor air fresher, cleaner, and more pleasant.


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