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5 HVAC Considerations When You're Purchasing a House

5 HVAC Considerations When You're Purchasing a House

When you are buying a house, you certainly don’t want to inherit someone else’s problems. You’re probably on the lookout for leaky roofs, leaky pipes, and checking the basement for signs of water damage. Before you decide on your new home, have you given any thought to the HVAC system? Read on to learn why you should.

Age of Systems

One of the key indicators of when an HVAC unit should be replaced is its age. Furnaces should last 15 years, while your central air and heat pump systems should last around 10 years. Factor in the cost of HVAC replacement in your home buying budget if the HVAC units exceed these average service life estimates.

System Condition

The frequency and quality of preventive HVAC maintenance is another important indicator of its expected service life. For example, a newer system of four years that hasn’t been serviced and the filter wasn’t changed may pose more repair or replacement problems than a system that has received annual professional maintenance and two or three times the age.

Heating Fuels

The type of fuel your furnace uses is important when it comes to price, availability, and maintenance. Natural gas is readily available in most places, and you don’t have to bother with storing it on your property as with heating oil. Moreover, oil furnaces may require more maintenance, and prices can spike during peak demand.

Energy Efficiency

When it comes to energy efficiency ratings (e.g. SEER, HSPF, and AFUE), the higher the rating the better! The most efficient HVAC systems are going to be Energy Star-certified, which means they are the most efficient in their class.

Ductwork Design

The air ducts that carry heated and cooled airflow to the rooms of your home are an integral component of any HVAC system. For the best results, consult your HVAC contractor to evaluate the condition of the ductwork, in addition to a performing a comprehensive inspection of the heating and cooling systems.

Contact the experts at Elite Air if you have questions about HVAC systems when you are buying a house in central New Jersey.


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