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Using Ceiling Fans to Improve Cooling Efficiency

Using Ceiling Fans to Improve Cooling Efficiency

Boosting the efficiency of your cooling system can pay off in reduced monthly costs and improved indoor comfort. A ceiling fan offers a relatively easy and low-cost way to achieve this increase in overall cooling efficiency.

Using a Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan increases the circulation of the air in the room where it is used. This additional air movement has benefits that will improve cooling efficiency.

  • Direct cooling: The most immediate benefit you will see from using a ceiling fan is direct cooling. When the air drafts created by the fan contact your body, they act like an outdoor breeze, evaporating perspiration and removing heat. In this way, a room with a ceiling fan will often feel cooler than its actual temperature. This lets you run your cooling system at a lower level while maintaining a good level of comfort.
  • Better circulation of conditioned air: The downward flow of air from a ceiling fan helps break up and recirculate conditioned air that has settled near the floor. This moves the already-cool air through the room again, giving it another chance to reduce the indoor temperature.

Points to Keep in Mind

  • Ceiling fans cool bodies, not rooms. The air currents from the fan must make contact with your body to have the greatest effect. Make sure the fan direction is set to send air currents downward into the room.
  • Ceiling fans must be mounted at a safe height. Usually, installing fans to that the blades are at least seven feet off the floor is sufficient. There should also be at least 18 inches of space between the tips of the fan blades and the walls.
  • Larger rooms need larger fans: Install a ceiling fan of an appropriate size for the room. Particularly large rooms may need more than one fan for effective cooling.

The New Jersey communities of Hamilton and its neighbors can count on Elite Air for top-quality heating, cooling, and indoor air quality services. Contact us today for more information on ways to use a ceiling fan to improve cooling efficiency and reduce cooling costs in your home.


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