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Blog Posts in 2017

  • Is Your HVAC System on Your Spring Cleaning List?

    If spring cleaning is a tradition in your home, you soon may be shaking out rugs, putting away winter bedding and organizing your garage. Another item that surely should make your list is HVAC spring cleaning. You’ll help keep your cooling bills lower and HVAC system purring until summer’s end. Clean the Air Vents Clean away the dust and debris from the supply and return air vents in your home. ...
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  • Zoning Systems: A Good Way to Save Energy and Money

    One of the factors that contributes to unnecessarily high energy bills is the unequal distribution of temperatures caused by the thermal characteristics of a home’s envelope. A zoning system solves many comfort problems without requiring extensive home or HVAC improvements. A traditional, un-zoned HVAC system uses one thermostat that runs the system only when the air temperature at the thermostat ...
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  • All About Air Balancing in Your House

    If you have perfectly even temperatures and airflow in the rooms of your home, consider yourself fortunate. The truth is, there are dozens of factors that affect airflow and heat gain/loss from room to room in every home, and every home is different. Finding the right balance of comfort and efficiency in your home is the goal, and that’s what air balancing is all about. Balancing Comfort and ...
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  • Reasons Tight Ductwork Is Important

    Hidden from view and largely ignored, ductwork leakage is a common problem in many homes. Loose ducts drive up energy costs and contribute to poor indoor air quality. Unless their routinely assessed, the loose ducts in your home could be causing: Higher energy bills. When ducts leak, the air that blows through them escapes before it reaches the registers. As a consequence, rooms that the ducts ...
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  • Be Ready for Unexpected Winter Power Outages

    Every winter, somewhere in the Northeast, the power goes out as big storms move through. The causes can vary, from strong winds blowing down trees onto power lines, to ice storms that weigh down the lines and break them. Regardless of the reason, homeowners need to always be vigilant and ready for the worst that Nature can deliver — including a power outage. Read on for a list of things you should ...
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  • Controlling Dust All Over Your House

    Household dust can cause all sorts of problems around your home. Sniffling, sneezing and watery eyes are common side effects of people who suffer from allergies. Dust may also collect in your HVAC system and reduce heating and cooling efficiency. Moreover, how much extra house cleaning do you do all because of dust? Controlling dust is the solution to these problems, and following are some great ...
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  • Upgrading Your Heating System

    Upgrading your heating system could be a matter of urgency, such as discovering a cracked heat exchanger. You may be motivated to lower your energy bills and improve your home comfort experience. Read on to learn more about these great reasons and other situations that you would benefit to upgrade this season. Repair or Upgrade? Furnace and boiler breakdowns can happen at any time regardless of a ...
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  • Balancing Between Heat and Humidity

    If you feel like you’re constantly battling chapped lips and dry, itchy skin in the winter, you’re feeling the effects of dry air. Cold air naturally holds less moisture than warm air. Unfortunately, the effects of dry air don’t just stop at chapped skin. If you don’t have adequate humidity in your home, the dry air may be doing damage to your belongings and your pocketbook. The Hidden Effects of ...
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