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Upgrading Your Heating System

Upgrading Your Heating System

Upgrading your heating system could be a matter of urgency, such as discovering a cracked heat exchanger. You may be motivated to lower your energy bills and improve your home comfort experience. Read on to learn more about these great reasons and other situations that you would benefit to upgrade this season.

Repair or Upgrade?

Furnace and boiler breakdowns can happen at any time regardless of a system’s age. Repairs take time and expense, and may put you in a repair-or-replace situation. If your are facing a costly repair, such as a failed blower motor or cracked heat exchanger, it may be worth it to upgrade your heating system. Following circumstances may help you make that decision:

  • The cost of the repair is more than 25 percent of an upgrade.
  • This isn’t the first repair in recent years.
  • Your furnace or boiler is more than 10-years old.

Return on Investment

The energy efficiency and features of new heating units are quite astounding compared to models manufactured 10 or 20 years ago. For example, furnaces with dual heat exchangers offer up to 98 AFUE compared to 65 to 78 AFUE of old furnaces. Upgrading to a high-efficiency heating unit offers a nice return on investment.

New Living Space

If you’re retrofitting an attic or basement, you’ll need to heat it. The same is true for room additions. This is a great opportunity to upgrade to a heating system that is accurately sized and equipped with a zoning system for optimal comfort and efficiency.

Hot and Cold Spots

It’s common for comfort problems to develop as your HVAC system ages. Hot and cold spots in your home may be caused by ducts in need of repair, poor efficiency from your heating unit and/or improperly sized ducts and heating unit. If this is a good reason for you to upgrade, make sure your new system is properly sized and installed by an HVAC contractor that follows HVAC industry best practices to the letter.

For the best results, contact Elite Air today to schedule an in-home assessment and estimate for your heating system upgrade.


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