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Zoning Systems: A Good Way to Save Energy and Money

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One of the factors that contributes to unnecessarily high energy bills is the unequal distribution of temperatures caused by the thermal characteristics of a home’s envelope. A zoning system solves many comfort problems without requiring extensive home or HVAC improvements.

A traditional, un-zoned HVAC system uses one thermostat that runs the system only when the air temperature at the thermostat indicates it needs to heat or cool. It’s unlikely that the area where the thermostat sits accurately represents temperatures throughout your home.

What Zoned Systems Do

You and your HVAC contractor will divide your home into separate areas based on the ductwork location and their physical characteristics. Automated dampers for each zone open and close the ductwork when the space needs conditioned air. Each zone has its own thermostat that’s connected to a central control panel. When the thermostat triggers the control panel, the HVAC system turns on, the damper opens, and it receives the heated or cooled air.

Ideal homes for a zoning system include those with:

  • Multiple stories.
  • Areas with high ceilings or large expanses of windows.
  • Rooms that aren’t as comfortable as others, especially those built over an uninsulated garage.
  • Areas that are seldom used.
  • Family members who have different temperature preferences.

Zoning systems are natural energy savers because it’s rare that the whole house needs conditioning all at once. It takes less energy to condition a smaller area, and over time, the shorter running time cuts energy costs and improves system longevity.


HVAC contractors can install zoning systems in existing homes, new construction, or as part of a new HVAC installation. Zone dampers come in different shapes and sizes. You’ll need a separate thermostat for each zone, and energy savings will be higher with programmable devices. You can set the thermostats to condition each area just when it needs it. It’s an ideal solution for homes whose bedrooms are located on the upper level and don’t need constant conditioning.

If you’d like to learn if your home is suitable for a zoning system, contact Elite Air. We provide outstanding HVAC services for central New Jersey homeowners.


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