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3 Tips for Heating Your Home

3 Tips for Heating Your Home

With winter approaching, you'll want to know how you can save on your heating bill. There are plenty of steps you could take, and the following three are just some of the most fundamental.

Program the Thermostat

Many people own a programmable thermostat and yet never bother to set it. If you're one of those people, start taking advantage of this feature. You can schedule your thermostat to turn down the heating system while you sleep and while you're away at work. If you own a smart thermostat, you can have the system turn on just as you're getting back from work thanks to remote access.

The average homeowner can be comfortable in winter by setting the thermostat to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. If yours is set somewhere in the 70s, consider bringing the temperature down. Over eight hours, you'll save 1% on heating costs for every degree that you lower it.

Clean Vents and Replace Filters

Air vents and filters get dirty over time, obstructing airflow, and this can lead to cold spots in your rooms, stress on the system and, with it, higher energy bills. Replacing the air filter is an easy DIY job, but leave the duct-cleaning to the professionals. It will be well worth it, though; you may even notice better indoor air quality afterward.

Keep Warm Air in the Home

So the warm air is flowing smoothly into every room, but if your home isn't adequately sealed, the air quickly seeps out through the walls and attic. You can start by sealing cracks in doors and windows with caulking from outside or foam tape from inside. Tackling the attic can be trickier. Also, you should know that insulation plays a significant role in keeping heat inside. Consider adding more layers of it or upgrading to insulation with a higher R-value.

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