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Alternative Heating Methods

Alternative Heating Methods

When cold weather hits the area, you’ll probably be spending more time indoors, trying to stay warm. Thankfully, you won’t have to overload your heater to stay warm. By taking advantage of alternative heating sources, you and your family can improve your comfort while trimming energy bills. Here are a few possible options for heating your home.

Space Heaters

Effectively using electric space heaters can save homeowners money on energy bills. You’ll be able to set your HVAC system at a lower temperature. While you shouldn’t use space heaters for your entire home, they’re great for small rooms or hard to heat areas.

Leaving the space heater on for about 30 minutes at a time can generate a lot of warmth. However, there are a few important safety tips to keep in mind. Never leave home without first turning off your space heater. Make sure the space heater you’re using in your home is rated for indoor use only. Keeping all space heaters away from furniture and flammable items will greatly reduce the risk of a house fire.


Fire is the world's oldest heating source. It’s also still one of the most effective. If you’re fortunate enough to have a fireplace in your home, you’ll always have a reliable heating source. Even if your home doesn’t have a fireplace already installed, you can purchase fireplace inserts at many home renovation or improvement stores.

In the event of a power outage, a fireplace will certainly prove its worth. After tossing in a few logs, look forward to enjoying hours of warmth. While fireplaces work well, there’s a little more work involved. To keep smoke from escaping into your home, keep the damper open until the embers have finished burning.

Take Advantage of the Sun

On cold days, don’t overlook the effectiveness of natural, solar energy. The sun’s warmth can make your home feel a lot cozier. South-facing walls will receive the strongest sun of the day, which means you’ll need to fully open the blinds. As the sunlight enters your windows, there will be a greater buildup of heat.

These are just some of the easiest, most reliable ways to take some of the pressure off your HVAC system this winter. Contact the professionals at Elite Air for any of your heating needs this winter!


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