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Why Should I Replace My Air Filters Often?

Why Should I Replace My Air Filters Often?

Why Should I Replace My Air Filters Often?

If you’re the owner of a central HVAC unit, you know that there are a few things you’ll need to do to help keep it afloat. For example, scheduling regular maintenance and repair appointments are crucial for its lifespan and performance. Another essential task is to replace your unit’s air filter approximately every 60 days — but why is that? Let us dive in:

The Importance of Changing an Air Filter

Stops Airborne Allergens

Your air filter plays a vital role in your HVAC system. This wavy screen panel will stop any airborne allergens (i.e., such as dust and outdoor pollutants) from entirely drifting into your unit. By doing this, your air filter prevents your ductwork from being caked in “gunk” and will help your unit run at a smooth, steady pace.

Helps it Run Efficiently

Nowadays, energy efficiency is critical. And regardless of if your unit is deemed efficient or not, replacing your air filter will help keep it working at a top-tier level. As mentioned before, a clean, fresh filter will stop any airborne particles from fully entering and help keep your ductwork clean — making the path for pure air simplified.

However, if any air filter has been in use for quite some time — say, over 60 days — then it can make it harder for your unit to “breathe” and do its job effectively (which can increase your energy bills).

How Often Should I Replace It?

Each Case is Unique

Typically, an HVAC air filter should be replaced every two-to-three months. However, if you have a central air conditioner and you only use it during the warmer months, then it’s best to follow the 60-day rule. And, of course, the day you stop using it, you can keep the same filter in the unit until it’s time to use it again — then replace it right away!

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