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  • Be Ready for Unexpected Winter Power Outages

    Every winter, somewhere in the Northeast, the power goes out as big storms move through. The causes can vary, from strong winds blowing down trees onto power lines, to ice storms that weigh down the lines and break them. Regardless of the reason, homeowners need to always be vigilant and ready for the worst that Nature can deliver — including a power outage. Read on for a list of things you should ...
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  • 5 HVAC Considerations When You're Purchasing a House

    When you are buying a house, you certainly don’t want to inherit someone else’s problems. You’re probably on the lookout for leaky roofs, leaky pipes, and checking the basement for signs of water damage. Before you decide on your new home, have you given any thought to the HVAC system? Read on to learn why you should. Age of Systems One of the key indicators of when an HVAC unit should be replaced ...
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  • Aiming and Redirecting Vents for Greater Comfort

    It might not be your HVAC system’s fault if you feel too chilled in winter and too warm in summer. Sometimes the simplest answer to a problem is the correct one. Here is how redirecting vents could be your answer for improving comfort and saving money. Redirecting Vents Improves Efficiency Using air conditioning as an example, whenever a vent’s airflow is obstructed, you will reap fewer benefits ...
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  • Storm Season Preparation for Your HVAC System

    Spring often brings stormy weather to Central New Jersey, so it’s essential to be prepared in advance for high winds, heavy rain, lightning, floods or hail. In addition to having emergency supplies on hand and safeguarding your home, it’s important to take steps to protect your costly HVAC equipment from damage. You can get started with these HVAC-specific spring storm preparation tips. Worthwhile ...
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  • Save Money with HVAC Rebates

    If it’s time for you to upgrade your old heating or cooling system, you certainly want to get your money’s worth. Today’s high-efficiency HVAC systems will save you more energy dollars than ever, and you can enjoy nice HVAC rebates and tax credits, too! New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program Whether you need a furnace or a boiler for home heating or a central air unit, ductless system or a heat pump ...
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