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  • Is Your HVAC System on Your Spring Cleaning List?

    If spring cleaning is a tradition in your home, you soon may be shaking out rugs, putting away winter bedding and organizing your garage. Another item that surely should make your list is HVAC spring cleaning. You’ll help keep your cooling bills lower and HVAC system purring until summer’s end. Clean the Air Vents Clean away the dust and debris from the supply and return air vents in your home. ...
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  • Upgrading Your Heating System

    Upgrading your heating system could be a matter of urgency, such as discovering a cracked heat exchanger. You may be motivated to lower your energy bills and improve your home comfort experience. Read on to learn more about these great reasons and other situations that you would benefit to upgrade this season. Repair or Upgrade? Furnace and boiler breakdowns can happen at any time regardless of a ...
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  • Balancing Between Heat and Humidity

    If you feel like you’re constantly battling chapped lips and dry, itchy skin in the winter, you’re feeling the effects of dry air. Cold air naturally holds less moisture than warm air. Unfortunately, the effects of dry air don’t just stop at chapped skin. If you don’t have adequate humidity in your home, the dry air may be doing damage to your belongings and your pocketbook. The Hidden Effects of ...
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  • How to Start Your Repair or Replace Conversation

    When one of your HVAC system components breaks down, you can face a difficult decision of whether to repair or replace it. A trusted HVAC professional is your best source of advice on which is the best option for your particular situation. The following questions and answers on the topic can help you get that conversation started. Is there a simple method of weighing repair vs. replacement costs? ...
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  • Aiming and Redirecting Vents for Greater Comfort

    It might not be your HVAC system’s fault if you feel too chilled in winter and too warm in summer. Sometimes the simplest answer to a problem is the correct one. Here is how redirecting vents could be your answer for improving comfort and saving money. Redirecting Vents Improves Efficiency Using air conditioning as an example, whenever a vent’s airflow is obstructed, you will reap fewer benefits ...
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  • Storm Season Preparation for Your HVAC System

    Spring often brings stormy weather to Central New Jersey, so it’s essential to be prepared in advance for high winds, heavy rain, lightning, floods or hail. In addition to having emergency supplies on hand and safeguarding your home, it’s important to take steps to protect your costly HVAC equipment from damage. You can get started with these HVAC-specific spring storm preparation tips. Worthwhile ...
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  • What is a Heat Recovery Ventilator and How Does it Work?

    If you’ve been looking for a way to freshen the air in your home for the duration of the heating season, consider a heat recovery ventilator (HRV). These appliances make it possible to remove the stale, stuffy indoor air and replace it with fresh outside air, largely without driving up your heating costs. Ventilating tightly-sealed indoor environments helps prevent the buildup of irritating and ...
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