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New Jersey winters can be bitterly cold. When harsh temperatures set in, many people focus on keeping their home’s living areas cozy and warm, but many people don’t think about the indoor temperature of their garage. However, there are many reasons to keep this often-forgotten space comfortable, even in the coldest winter months. If you use your garage as a workspace, you already know the importance of staying warm while working, but there are many other reasons to consider installing a Trenton garage heater.

Why install a garage heater?

  • Allows your car to warm up quicker
  • Protects your vehicle’s coolant and oil
  • Keeps your workplace comfortable
  • Warms up bonus rooms above a garage
  • Eliminates ice buildup on your car
  • Ensures the safety of your pets

At Elite Air, Inc., we have a number of garage heaters to suit your needs. We have more than 30 years of experience in Trenton heating and AC installation, and we can help you keep your garage cozy and warm this winter.

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Trenton Heating Services You Can Count On

Heating a garage is much different than heating your home, which is why you should turn to a professional when you need garage heater installation in Trenton or Mercer County. Unlike regular heating, garage heating typically doesn’t require ductwork or the use of your home's furnace. In fact, this can actually reduce your furnace’s lifespan, as garage temperatures are usually too low for a standard furnace to handle.

At Elite Air, Inc., our highly-trained technicians have the necessary experience to properly install your garage heater. We offer a number of models, including LF24 Garage Heaters and T-Class™ TUA, and can quickly and skillfully install your heater so you can start enjoying the benefits of a heated garage right away. Whether you’re looking to make your workspace a bit more comfortable, protect your pets from harsh temperatures, or keep your car safe from extreme cold, Elite Air, Inc. is here to help.

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